PlayStation Various Issues On Sherman Hill

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by Techy_Dave, Dec 1, 2021.

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    Just been having a run on Sherman Hill and have noticed a few issues that have slipped past DTG's infamous testing program:
    1. Something borrowed trophy fails to pop after completing "Something old, something new" scenario. Have done this through the journey mode (1st journey in Chapter 2) and also as a stand-alone scenario from the menu.
    2. Quite serious LOD issues and pop in of scenery around the Laramie area. I did a Laramie to Cheyenne run and in particular one bridge just outside Laramie only appears when you are around a few hundred yards away from it. Quite off putting when you can see vehicles floating through the air!
    3. There's an issue with the SD70ACe AP levels. Mine is currently showing level 5 with 33,170 AP when the next level should change up at 24,000.

    Playing PS4 version on a PS5.

    DTG Natster could you pass this feedback on to the devs so it can be looked at. Thanks :)

    Otherwise a really good route and a real test of your driving skills.

    EDIT: just finished another run. The SD70 AP has just bounced over to Level 6 but the UI is now showing 38,750/34,000
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    pc me too
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    OK, I'm working on chapter 2, the 3rd scenario for Laramie to Cheyenne yard coal train. ALL signals on the map are red, and I've been sitting at CP W547 Hermosa for over 60 minutes, with no change in the signals. The last train passed me over 50 minutes ago, and 2 other trains heading the other direction are now stopped. NOTHING IS MOVING!! What is wrong?

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