Steam Vectron Lzb Free Roam Issue

Discussion in 'TSW Troubleshooting & Issues Discussion' started by razmatus#2517, Nov 19, 2023.

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    Feb 17, 2022
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    So I tried using Vectron in Free roam, with IC coaches... tried Koln Aachen and Kassel Wurzburg... so I climbed in, set stuff up and set destination... LZB turns on, but after a bit it just goes into Ende and have to go through the stuff and end up in PZB mode, even though I am still on LZB equipped track

    This sucks cos I was looking forward to doing highspeed runs with Vectron

    Is this a bug or me doing sth wrong? I mean, Kassel route is almost entirely LZB, why would it want to shut down LZB if it doesn't even approach the real end of an LZB section?

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