Victorian Railways(ballarat - Bacchus Marsh) Australia

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    y123_ballarat_may1978.jpg I think we need an Australian route. Victorian Railways ballarat to Bacchus marsh, Victoria, Australia. Ballarat use to be a major railway hub in western Victoria, Australia. Both ballarat and Bacchus marsh have a large goods yard though ballarat yard is bigger and actually has two yards one located before the station called ballarat east. Ballarat had 4 branch lines. Cattle yard branch, three industrial branch's plus flour mill sidings and malt sidings. Bacchus only has a goods shed and a yard. Ballarat has 2 blue stone goods sheds one in the main yard and one near the loco depot plus a blue stone carriage shed. The line between the two towns is pretty steep in some parts and therea some tight curves this is due to the fact that ballarat is 400m above sea level. The distance between the two towns is about 60km but considering Ballarat had three branch lines its a bit longer. Railway traffic use to consist off mostly grain trains as well as louverd vans which look like long box cars, plus some cattle wagons and open wagons called gy wagons. The most common locos ob the route were b class, t class, x class, y class shunter, c class on interstate trips to south Australia. The 1970s would be a grear time period for this route because there was lots of traffic then. B class for main line traffic, y class for shunting and branch lines and t class for main line and branch line dutys.
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    Old (still highly relevant), extremely detailed, and high quality grading/pathing charts available for almost every line in Victoria are available here:

    Here's the ones relevant to Ballarat to Bacchus Marsh (warning can be up to almost 100mb):

    There's also old diagrams/blueprints for both general widely used infrustructure elements, and specific elements (eg. stations, signal boxes) here:

    Here's the architectural diagrams for Ballarat Station:

    And here are signalling blueprints and rules & regulation books :

    There is more to be found on that site but I'm not well versed in the area
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