Want To Back Up Train Simulator 2020 To Usb Flash Drive But How?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jpmackay, Feb 12, 2020.

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    I need anyone help how to back up the whole program of Train Simulator to USB flash drive. All I know is that Steam offer to backup onto CD or DVD or Custom. I have about 78,000 MB of the program. I don't want them to back up to CD or DVD. Thought might try to back up to Custom but where do I find Custom. All I see that word and nothing else beside and not sure if can go to USB flash drive or external drive for back up. Do I have to tell where do I want to back up to USB flash drive in Custom? Let me know how to back up to USB flash drive.

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    I keep two backup folders, one with third party assets installed and a second one with just steam assests. Usually i just go into steam/commonapps and copy the whole railworks folder directly onto one of my external drives and when i need to restore, i just delete the railworks folder within my Steam folder and copy one of my backup folders back there. Then I verify from within Steam just incase and that’s it. Instead of an external hard disk as in my case I do not see why you couldn’t use a flash drive instead.

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    Pretty sure you can do this in Steam (on the iPad ATM and can't look) but another option is simply to find your Railworks folder and copy it across. An advantage to this would be that it copies everything including third-party DLC not just the stuff Steam knows about.
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    I purchased a 1TB portable drive, a Western Digital, which I keep my backup of the game on.
    And the various scenarios and repaints I also keep in another folder.

    When I do my backup I just copy the Asset folder and the Content folders.
    The asset folder will take time depending on how much you have in it.
    My Content Folder is 36.4GB and the Asset Folder is 467GB

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