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Fishing Sim World Want To See Fish Behavior Due To A Glitch..read This

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4' started by Mousaka_H, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Mousaka_H

    Mousaka_H Active Member

    Jul 19, 2019
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    Want to see how fish react to different lures, different colors, which fish acknowledge lure in the water? Take advantage of a glitch to understand how these fish appear, react, and strike. And what they stir up when they are on. Go to lake Miller and go to bearskin park and the third island on the right there is no visible water and you can see fish. Get to this area try your different lures and see the fish appear and how they react. I ended up getting a 40 lb Muskie, two 47lb Tiger Muskies, and two 10 lb largemouth bass. Tried a ton of lures and see how the fish behavior is. One thing I saw is topwater may not get all the fish to strike but it does make them show their curiosity. Tried all types of lures with different retrieval’s and could see how the species reacted. May be worth it to check out the area before it get patched because it is a known issue. But I got to admit it’s kinda cool seeing the fish.

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