Wcml South: London Euston - Birmingham Update #1

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    WCML South: London Euston - Birmingham Update #1

    Today we are bringing the first of two updates for the WCML South: London Euston - Birmingham Route Add-On for Train Simulator 2021 to address various issues raised by players on overall usability and performance. This update also includes a first pass on scenic improvements with more to follow in the next update. Please find the full update log below for this update:

    Performance Improvements:

    • Optimised the Level of Detail of the included train models to improve overall performance: BR Class 390 ‘Pendolino’, BR Class 221 ‘Super Voyager’, BR Class 350, BR Class 377 and BR Class 378. Collectively, these and those listed below, are anticipated to provide moderate rendering performance gains whilst playing scenarios and Quick Drive and improve overall usability for players that may not have the latest in computer hardware.

    • Fixed an issue with a multitude of scenic lighting which had been misconfigured to be shadow casting thus impacting rendering performance.

    • Removed the reliance on 3D Skies in scenarios to provide a multitude of rendering performance improvements.
    • Updated Milton Keynes lighting and clutter to improve presentation and limit performance impacts.

    • Optimised the scenery in and around Willesden and Queens Park to improve overall performance.
    Signalling, Traffic and AI Operation Fixes and Improvements:

    • Improved wide-ranging signalling related issues in line with customer feedback throughout the route, correcting in the region of 50 signals to improve traffic flow and instances that could impede player progress.

    • Fixed several issues relating to AI Collisions whilst in Quick Drive Scenarios.
    General Scenic Fixes and Improvements:

    • Fixed several instances where overhead line equipment was missing their respective contact wire throughout the route.

    • Improved several scenic assets that were improperly placed.

    • Fixed several instances of floating buildings throughout the route.

    • Fixed several instances of floating garden clutter.
    • Fixed instances of grass clipping at Hampton in Arden.

    • Improved the platform presentation including clutter at Wolverton.

    • Added missing petrol station on approach to Lea Hall.

    • Added missing four-car stop marker board at Stechford.

    • Made some minor improvements to the representation of Birmingham International and Coventry stations.
    • Improved an instance where a viaduct was using low resolution textures.

    • Made some minor improvements to the representation of South Hampstead.

    • Made multiple improvements to the visual representation of various legacy models and textures.
    The update will download automatically for owners of the WCML South: London Euston- Birmingham Route Add-On when it becomes available. The approximate download size will be 1.2 GB and players should allow at least 24 hours after restarting Steam for the update to appear and before contacting Customer Support.
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