West Coast Express: London Euston To Stafford And Shrewbury With Birmingham And Nuneaton Lines

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    As the name suggests, this route would feature a Combined Total of 203 Miles, hence, This is mainly a concept, rather than demanding this to be made.

    West Coast Main Line would feature the Lines from London to Stafford, with the line featuring both the Main Line, the Birmingham line that branches of at Rugby, and last but not least, the Shrewsbury Line, which branches off the Main Line at Wolverhampton.

    Included Stock:

    This route would be set in 2019 (September), hence, it would be set when Virgin Trains WC, LNWR, and London Overground were all running at the same time. Due to licensing issues, it would be likely the LNWR trains would have the London Midland Livery, maybe a Debranded Version?
    Class 390 - Virgin Trains Livery
    Class 390 has dominated High-Speed Travel on the WCML since its inception in the Early Days of VTWC. It runs High-Speed services from Euston to Edinburgh and Glasgow. It would be depicted with Virgin Trains Livery

    Class 350 - London Midland/London North Western Railway Livery
    The most common Commuter Train on the WCML, at least on this part of the line, the Class 350 Desiro, would be depicted in either LM or LNWR livery, depending on Licensing and would operate Commuter Services on the Line

    Class 378 - London Overground + Refresh Liveries
    This loco is the Flagship Loco for London Overground and unlike the Class 350, is restricted to running Services between London Euston and Watford Junction, of which Queens Park to Harrow and Wealdstone is already modelled in BKL. It would be depicted in the Standard Livery and the Refresh Liverys of the London Overground

    Potential DLC:
    Class 377/2- Southern Livery
    This loco is used for Southern Lines between Milton Keynes Central and East Croydon. In this route, it would be running Services from Milton Keynes Central to Watford Junction, where the Southern Services branch off onto the West London Line

    Class 710 - London Overground
    This loco replaced the Class 378 on the Watford-London Services and would be used as a Substitute for the London Overground 378 on this route, should it be made
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    I don't think it's the /1 you're looking for there...

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