West Coastway: Littlehampton - Portsmouth Harbour & Bognor Regis

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    Here is a suggestion for a potential Littlehampton - Portsmouth Harbour & Bognor Regis route.

    The journey from Littlehampton - Portsmouth Harbour is around an hour with a distance of 25 miles (40km). The line to Bognor Regis adds another 3 miles (6km) and a journey time of 6/7 minutes. The stations on this route are: Littlehampton, Ford, Barnham, Bognor Regis, Chichester, Fishbourne, Bosham, Nutbourne, Southbourne, Emsworth, Warblington, Havant, Bedhampton, Hilsea, Fratton, Portsmouth & Southsea and Portsmouth Harbour.

    The rolling stock on this route are the Class 313 EMU and the Class 377 EMU which can be layered over from London Commuter/East Coastway. There is also a 313 201 in a BR Blue livery to mark the first unit and the 377 111 ‘Thank You NHS’ livery aswell.
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    I don't see this happening anytime soon as it wouldn't include any new trains, but a great route nonetheless.

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