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West Summerset Frieght Addon?2 Axle Boxcar From Ntp?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SHINO BAZ, Dec 16, 2019.


    SHINO BAZ Well-Known Member

    Apr 10, 2019
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    This route uses older locos for tours,but i seen frieght cars on this route as well,so could the 2 axle wagon from NTP possibley be added to WS,it give the route something extra to do plus being a older wagon type it would fit this lines vintage theme very well.It could be addon maybe part of a addon pack possibley with a 4 unit 101 train,it's said 101s came in 2 3 4 car sets and a 4 cars set the only one not here yet and since this a tourist line a 4 car 101 might just fit perfectly here(also like on the Tee Valley line the 101s could also be a towed option as backup passanger cars).If it's aaddon pack i would add a 2nd loco(maybe something new)along with training,jouney and seniros plus time table options etc.at 19.99 it be a good addonto consider.thx...

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