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What Are Your Thoughts On Train Sim World: Founders Edition After The Patch

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SimFan, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. SimFan

    SimFan Member

    Mar 8, 2018
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    Just wanted to gather everyone's thoughts on the subject.

    My impressions are they have solved the frame rate issues, which now leads me to be on time according to the time table. In addition, when you are walking on the platform and a train comes by you, the train doesn't appear to be jittery (as in jump around the screen).

    The only issue I am still experiencing is some minor screen tearing issues.

    Overall, the patch is a very good step forward for TSW: Founders Edition and I am hoping the screen tearing issues will get fixed in a future patch :)
  2. FallenAngel00me

    FallenAngel00me Active Member

    Mar 11, 2018
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    There is still frame rate issues. And you can still walk through a cab door when train is in motion. But they fixed the timetable issue which has made this game 100% better. Keep up the good work :)
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  3. JasonARJ3125

    JasonARJ3125 Active Member

    Mar 19, 2018
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    All seems ok for me apart from the tracks disappear from time to time,mainly at high speed or when its raining
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  4. gangrel

    gangrel Member

    Apr 10, 2018
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    The frame rate still isn't stable (it's okay ,but there's lots of improvement to be made). I play this on Xbox One X. I no longer see screen tearing. Whenever the enhancements patch drops for Xbox One X users. I'd much rather see rock solid frame rate over any increase in resolution or graphic fidelity.

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