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Where Did My Fish Go?

Discussion in 'Xbox One' started by Alfie_K.15, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Alfie_K.15

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    Jan 14, 2017
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    Was doing a session on "Digger Lakes" on my usual peg, trying to save up for some higher end tackle, and was using this setup:-

    - 9ft Beginner stalking rod
    - Beginner reel
    - size 4 Blowback Hook/Rig
    - 15mm mainline pop up boillie
    - 15lb monofilament
    This was on all three rods, when I started getting runs I would select the rod and the fish would be gone and the rig would be fishing again? No snap or notification? Could someone explain or point me in the right direction as the fish never seem to suppass the 25lb mark, Thanks for reading!!!

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