Which Older Routes Have You Played Again After A Long Time - And Did You Enjoy Them More Or Less?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cloudyskies21, Nov 1, 2022.

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    Hello all,

    I was wondering if anyone has played older TSW routes once again after a really long time, and how did you find them?

    For example, I've really enjoyed playing Rapid Transit lately - has been years since the last time I did. Obviously the route has changed quite a bit since the original, with a new timetable and the likes of the 182, 143 now present etc. But, while a majority of the route is straight track, I've still had a lot of enjoyment regardless.

    It seems to be a lot of the older German routes I've thoroughly enjoyed - MSB and RSN are still fantastic to this day and I probably enjoy these more than some of the newer releases.

    On the contrary, however, and not every experience has been positive. The Munich-Augsburg route was what I was playing again before Rapid Transit recently, and the former just felt too empty with a rather uninspiring timetable, definitely a route I'd like to see be remade so we can have a busy Munich Hbf station.

    So, any routes that you have enjoyed playing once again?
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  2. rennekton#1349

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    More in the past. These days, I just pick a random route and play it. I also have other games to play/beat such as mw2022, tsc, other simulators and stuff and school so I rarely get the chance to play tsw3. I also do sort of more testing these days depending on what gets posted in technical reports instead of actually completing a service so I wouldn't really count it as revisiting.

    Lirr. I barely touched it when it got ported over in tsw2 and in tsw3 due to sound issues, other issues and emptiness. I gave it a go when the sounds of the m7 got updated to m7a standards, but I got bored and uninstalled the route right away. Still empty, dead, quiet, etc. It is a route that doesn't wow me. I would much rather play anything else over lirr.

    Spg: it was a while cuz I didn't really like american freight and when the sounds got messed up in the preservation update, I rarely touched it. I gave it a go after a while and I still enjoy the route and there's some nice variety such as shunting, coal loading, loco prep services, etc.

    Bkl. I only did scenarios and few services when it first released. Only touched it cuz of the new Joe timetable and I love it now.

    Ntp. I rarely touched it in tsw2020. I didn't like br blue locos . I didn't like manual driving for the 101. I didn't like the slow braking. Now, I absolutely love br blue routes. The experience is like no other. The thrash, driving behavior, charm of these locos. There is no modern route that will be better than tvl and ntp.

    Msb. I stopped playing it when it got ported over to tsw2 cuz of the horrible sounds. Didn't touch the route until dra came out and I could use the new 146.2 and other freight locos as I bought more dlc. I play this route more often now, but I left it alone from the moment it got ported over to tsw2 up to rush hour so quite a long time.

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