Why Does London Commuter Only Have Express Trains?

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    Good evening, everyone. I'll start by saying that I'm not very familiar with British railways, so I apologise if I might be talking rubbish. I bought the rush hour and downloaded the new London Commuter route, and noticed that from Redhill to Brighton there are only express trains. So I thought that only Thameslink trains run local services in the southern part of the BML, but then I checked on Southern's website the timetables and I saw that in reality there are semi-express services that stop at most of the stations between Brighton and Gatwick and then only at the main stations up to London, but in the game there is not even one of these services, even between Brighton and Gatwick the Gatwick express makes more stops than the Southern trains, I wanted to ask you who know the line if this is normal. If not, I'd like to see services added that also stop at smaller stations along the southern section of the BML.

    P.S:. I play TSW2 on PS4
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    I am not sure whether there is a glitch or it's an issue on your end, but it's worth noting some stations are not usually stopped at by Southern. These include the stations between Redhill and Gatwick Airport, which are usually only served by Thameslink, a trait also shared by Balcombe.

    In real life some Gatwick Express services become stoppers south of Gatwick for reasons known only to GTR, and Southern also run (or at least used to run) express services along the VTB, which stopped only at East Croydon and Clapham Junction. I do not know whether these services are included.
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