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Why Not?

Discussion in 'PC Discussion' started by trainsimplayer, Jul 22, 2021.

  1. I'd happily pay more IF the branches are back

  2. Just bring the branches back.

  3. Neutral/don't really care

  4. Don't bring the branches back, but charge us more because why not :/

  5. Just don't bring the branches back.

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  1. trainsimplayer

    trainsimplayer Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2021
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    "We will not be postponing Riesa Dresden. This is something we are unable to do.

    If the removal of branch lines is a deal breaker for you, then I would understand that. However I would also suggest watching the preview streams before completely deciding you are no longer interested.

    We understand how disappointing this removal is, particularly for those of you who enjoy German content.

    And I get it, we have changed what we originally planned. But these changes have been made to avoid delivering a poor experience. The addition of branch lines would have resulted in us over stretching, and not being able to meet a standard we were satisfied with."

    - DTG Natster, in another thread.

    I ask, on - what I believe is a fair platform - the behalf of this community, why, not?

    At least 140 people - an outstanding majority of those who have engaged in active discussion through this - have said to Delay it and add the branches.

    I'm no economist, but surely the sales of NEC, and later BML, as well as the season pass (provided Dresden gets it's branches back) would make up for a potential financial gap?
    As well as any regular sales, and the Deluxe Edition for new players, surely?

    From a practical standpoint, I realise this would stretch development a bit, but as NEC & BML come to a close surely there is potential room to allocate more resources? I don't know how the internal structure works, however I don't think this would be outlandish.

    In one poll (from the last I seen it a few minutes ago) it was a vote of 139 to 7.

    If that's not something to act on, what is?

    Yesterday, a shot was fired into a proverbial foot.

    Today, another was fired.

    Thanks for reading this little rant.
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  2. lukereynolds1

    lukereynolds1 Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2020
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    I think DTG realise they don't have to convince people to buy this route. Now they have introduced the season ticket, with a price increase, as well as the option to buy individual routes for the same price that we would normally get all three, then they are set to make money regardless of our opinions. They set it up so we are powerless with our spending, unless we refuse to purchase all three. It's such a shame.

    I hate the way it was communcated back-handedly in an article which was designed to show what a wonderful summer we would have! How patronising to the community.
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  3. DTG Natster

    DTG Natster Community Manager Staff Member

    Sep 2, 2020
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    I have responded in the original thread.
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