Why The Mhr Is Perfect For Introducing Steam To Tsw!

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    So as your probably aware, steam is a much wanted addition to Train Sim World. Now, I believe that the Mid-Hants Railway, more commonly known as "The Watercress Line" is the perfect choice for a route to introduce steam to the game.

    Firstly, the locos you could add are perfect. Let's take the West Country Class for example. The MHR have both Swanage and Wadebridge, one of which will return to service as soon as next year, giving you two of the line's locos whilst only having to model 1! Many people can relate to Bulleid light pacifics, with 20 preserved all over the country, making them appealing to a wide audience. For those people who prefer to drive diesels, there is the iconic class 205, Thumper which would also make a great addition to the game. This route is also a good chance to give the Crompton a second place to run, as the MHR have had multiple of these locos in the past and 33053 will hopefully return soon. It could also give another use for the 08. People are always wanting routes to drive their existing locos on!

    Finally, the route is short at only 10 miles. This means that it won't take as long to develop, meaning that if the idea of steam doesn't go as well as expected, then not as much of your time would have been wasted. It also means that you can add extra detail to areas of the routes that you couldn't afford to do on longer routes.

    I hope you take my idea into consideration and I can't wait to see what will come in the future for Train Sim World.

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