York - Bradford Forster Square

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    The journey from York - Bradford Forster Square is 29 miles (47km) and takes around an hour. Northern services on this line run from York - Leeds and Leeds - Bradford. Some LNER services terminate at Leeds or carry on to Skipton (where it will come off this route at Shipley). They also terminate at Bradford Forster Square and come onto this route at Leeds. The stations on this route are: York, Ulleskelf, Church Fenton, Micklefield, East Garforth, Garforth, Cross Gates, Leeds, Kirkstall Forge, Apperley Bridge, Shipley, Frizinghall and Bradford Forster Square.

    Rolling stock on this route could have a Northern Class 158, Northern Class 195, LNER Class 800/801 and LNER Class 91. There wouldn’t be able to have all of these trains.
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