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    What exactly is the American Dream? Well... if for you it's the release of new and updated American Train Sim World 3 content, then consider it fulfilled today! New route and locomotive Add-ons as well as the three US core Bundles and a new Starter Pack are out now!

    We have a fantastic article to take your through all of the new content, including:
    • Individual Route & Loco Add-ons
    • Passenger, Freight & Super Bundles
    • American Starter Packs
    • Live Streams and Ambassadors
    Discover more on our American Bundles and Add-ons, Out Now! article.

    More Information
    If you want to find our support guides, FAQs and share feedback on any of the newly released add-ons, please see our US Content Feedback Megathread where you can find it all compliled into one destination.
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