[route Add-on Tsw2] Frankenbahn Süd (stuttgart - Heilbronn)

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    Hello There,

    another Suggest from another great Mainline in Germany, the Frankenbahn, but to keep it in a nice dlc scale its only Southern Part from Stuttgart to Heilbronn.

    (The Map should start as the same like "https://forums.dovetailgames.com/threads/route-add-on-tsw2-filstalbahn-stuttgart-ulm.27233/" where i suggested the "Filstalbahn" so it has a possibility to merge them to one Route)

    - the Route would be around 53km long its pretty short maybe but ig it fits perfectly in the "normal" map size
    - i would love to see the "old" Stuttgart Hbf in the Game around the 2000s with the "Nordflügel" on the Mainbuilding so the Station is not a construction site as in the Picture below.


    - as well i like to see that the whole Depot/Yard at Rosensteinpark is in the DLC as well so u can do shunting missions to the depot and back.
    - For the Scenario tool it would be awesome when we get more Starting Positions in all the Yards/Depots to create better scenarios.

    After all, there drive a lot of fantastic Trains so i try to write some down that i prefer to see in the Main DLC:
    DB BR 147 for Regioservice as RB Stuttgart-Heilbronn

    inclusive the DB Bnrdzf 483 (Wittenberger Steuerwagen)

    You all know how DTG solved it with MSB when u have RSN too, you where able to use the BR 143 and BR 146 on every Regio Service, here i would to see something similar, that you have one fix timetable and if you want you can choose between youre Regio Locomotives like here the 147, or the 143/146 from the tsw1 collection, same goes for the "Doppelstockwagen" so you could chosse between the n-Wagen Cabcar or the DoSto Cabcar, for more mixed traffic.
    As well for other Trains from other DLC`s that you get more different Traffic.
    for example you have RSN then you could get random KI traffic on the Timetable with the BR143 + "passenger cars" (it could be with n-Wagen or DoSto`)

    And when You want that Route (without S21) too, then pls leave a like+comment, Thanks.

    (sorry for bad english as in every Post)
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    oh yes i living in Öringen its a cool rot and i there sometimes

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