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    The Semmering line is one of the oldest lines in Austria and is a part of the Southern Railway. It passes through mountains and valleys, and is registered in the UNESCO. The panoramic that offers this railroad view even used to be printed on 20 Schilling banknotes! Even if the line itself is not very long (~41 kms, but I am sure DTG can add some more length to an eventual add-on to make it longer, for example, a journey from Weiner Neustadt to Mürzzuschlag seems pretty nice and long enough), it would be very interesting from a historical, panoramical and driving experience point of view.
    About the rolling stock: there's no special need to add new trains (but it would be muche appreciated anyway), because the ÖBB are using the Taurus and the Talent.

    Semmering railway:
    Southern railway:

    I hope, dear developers, you will see my proposal and pay attention to it! :)

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