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Tsw: Nec New York Freight Services Update Now Available

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by TrainSim-Jay, Apr 19, 2018.

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  1. TrainSim-Jay

    TrainSim-Jay Guest

    With our latest update for Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York, the highly anticipated Service Mode CSX freight operations are now yours to drive!

    Please find full details below:

    All new services have been added utilising the included CSX GP38-2, and also the CSX GP40-2 (available separately), depicting a “day in the life” for a CSX Engineer in New York.

    The new services add around another 10 hours of unique freight-orientated gameplay to Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York; you’ll manage trash trains between Oak Point and Harlem, sort manifest trains and deliver freight cars around Oak Point and Hunts Point yards, move trains between Fresh Pond Junction and Oak Point and do various switching moves in all the yards.

    Trash Train Services
    • F01 - F04: manage trash trains between Harlem and Oak Point with F04 taking a train of trash cars out to Fresh Pond to the barges.
    • F08: deliver empty trash cars up from Fresh Pond to Oak Point later in the day
    • F09: a final trash train service later in the day.
    Manifest Freight Services
    • F05: primarily an inbound manifest AI-only train that comes in across the Oak Point Link, this then leads in to most of the following services which move these cars around the yards.
    • F06: a big Oak Point switching exercise.
    • F07: delivering the cuts of cars you sorted in F06
    Fresh Pond Freight Services
    • F10: (in six parts) take a manifest train down to Fresh Pond Junction in the first three, then the last three bring another one back up to Oak Point.
    • F11: what happens in the middle - where the switcher at Fresh Pond Junction takes F10 (first half) train and moves it to east yard, and brings up another train from east yard and makes it ready for F10 part 2.
    There are three major switching services, F06, F07 and F11, along with numerous runs between Fresh Pond and Oak Point that cross the amazing Hell Gate Bridge. You'll work in all four yards and use a mix of one and two locos for the various work shifts.

    Substitution is of course supported, you'll find CSX GP38-2s and GP40-2s (if you own the appropriate add-ons) swapping in randomly in various liveries each time you run. Furthermore, the whole thing can run on its own - sit and watch the AI go about any or all of the services on its own, or observe the action in the yards as you cruise on by in Amtrak ACS-64 Northeast Regional services.

    Service Details
    05:35 - Harlem to Oak Point Trash Run
    • F01-1 Loco Move to Harlem (9 min): Run down to Harlem River Yard with your locomotive and couple to a cut of loaded Trash Cars ready to be delivered back to Oak Point.
    • F01-2 Harlem Trash to Oak Point (10 min): Deliver these Trash Cars to Oak Point Yard.
    • F01-3 Stable Loco (5 min): Stable your locomotives.
    06:10 - Delivering Empty Trash Cars to Harlem
    • F02-1 Loco Move to Empties - (10 min): Move your train to the head of a cut of Trash Cars bound for Harlem River Yard and get coupled up ready to go.
    • F02-2 Empty Trash Cars to Harlem River - (10 min): Deliver these trash cars to Harlem River Yard.
    • F02-3 Loco Move to Oak Point - (15 min): Run back to Oak Point and stable the locos.
    06:50 - Collect Second Trash Car Set from Harlem River
    • F03-1 Loco Move to Harlem River Yard - (10 min): Head down to Harlem River Yard, another set of Trash Cars are loaded up and ready to come back to Oak Point for later transfer.
    • F03-2 Harlem Trash to Oak Point - (10 min): Bring these loaded Trash Cars up to Oak Point Yard.
    • F03-3 Stable Loco - (5 min): Stable your locomotive.
    07:35 - Oak Point Trash to Fresh Pond
    • F04-1 Assemble Fresh Pond Trash Train - (15 min): Join two cuts of trash cars together ready for them to make their way down to Fresh Pond Junction.
    • F04-2 Transfer to Fresh Pond - (25 min): Run a Trash train from Oak Point Yard to Fresh Pond Junction, where another engineer will take it on to the barges.
    10:05 - Manifest Train
    • F05-1 Stable Locos - (5 min): Stable the locomotives that have just arrived from the Hudson Sub with a Manifest train.
    10:50 - Manifest Switching
    • F06-1 Manifest Switching 1 - Separate out - (120 min): Switch cars from a Manifest train into different sidings depending on their final destination.
    13:05 - Manifest Delivery
    • F07-1 Manifest Switching 2 - Delivery - (120 min): Switch cars from various sidings to their final destinations, including running some cars to Hunts Point and bringing empties back.
    15:05 - Empty Trash Fresh Pond to Oak Point
    • F08-1 Empty Trash to Oak Point - (25 min): Run a train of Trash Cars up from Fresh Pond Junction to Oak Point Yard
    • F08-2 Stable Locos - (5 min): Stable your locomotives.
    18:05 - Deliver Trash to Harlem River
    • F09-1 Prepare Empty Trash Train - (5 min): Prepare a train of trash cars ready to take it down to Harlem River Yard.
    • F09-2 Deliver Empty Trash Train - (10 min): Deliver these Trash Cars to Harlem River Yard.
    • F09-3 Return Loco to Oak Point - (15 min): Return your locomotive to Oak Point and stable it.
    18:35 - Fresh Pond Manifest
    • F10-1 Couple to Fresh Pond Manifest - (10 min): Bring your locomotives to the head of a manifest train heading to Fresh Pond Junction Interchange Sidings
    • F10-2 Deliver Manifest to Fresh Pond - (20 min): Deliver this manifest train to Fresh Pond Junction Interchange Sidings where it will be handled by the local switcher.
    • F10-3 Move Locos to Waiting Point - (5 min): While you await your return consist to be set out, move your locomotives out of the way until the local switcher completes their tasks.
    19:20 - Fresh Pond Switching
    • F11-1 Fresh Pond Switcher - (90 min): A Manifest train has arrived from Oak Point, bring it down to the East Yard in two cuts and then take a cut back up, only a short delivery to go back up to Oak Point today.
    21:05 - Manifest Return
    • F10-4 Move to Head of Northbound Manifest - (5 min): Now that the return train is ready, move your locomotives to the head of the consist and couple up, ready to go.
    • F10-5 Run Manifest to Oak Point - (20 min): Run this manifest train back to Oak Point Yard.
    • F10-6 Stable Locos - (5 min): Move your locomotives to the stabling sidings.
    Additional Fixes
    We have also made the following changes to the passenger services as part of our ongoing review of your feedback:

    • You are now able to start services from Newark Penn and New York Penn
    • Stops at Secaucus reduced to an hourly rate instead of every service
    • Decreased stopping point accuracy at stations from within 1m to within 2m
    • Added start/end details to service names
    If you own Train Sim World: Northeast Corridor New York, the update will download automatically from Steam. If you have any problems/queries in regards to the update, leave a comment below or submit a ticket to our support site where our Support Team will be ready to assist.

    In the unlikely event that Steam fails to update Train Sim World, you’ll need to perform a file verify and ensure Steam provisions your installation properly. Follow the instructions listed at this link to perform a file verify to reset your installation to default.

    If you find that after the file verify has completed, you are confident you have not received the update, please contact our Support Team by submitting a ticket to our support site where someone will assist you directly.

    Thank you all for your continued feedback and support, keep it coming, and enjoy your all-new freight services!

    Please provide feedback on this update here
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