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    Hi all, over the years I've made quite a few suggestions, mostly for routes. Currently (as of writing this) these are listed in my 'signature', making it look quite bloated (with the size and colours being distracting in other threads). To get rid of this I decided to make a clear master thread for my suggestions. The route suggestions include a quick list of details such as rolling stock, length and era. At the end there's a list of loco DLC suggestions and some miscellaneous suggestions.

    Dutch Routes

    Enschede – Amersfoort CS
    Rolling stock: NS ICMm, NS SGMm
    Possible DLC: NS 1600/1700 with DD-AR coaches, NS 6400, NS DDZ, NS SNG, DB BR 189, NS VIRM
    Length: 114 km, option to shorten to 72 km
    Era: 2018-2019, but more recent is possible
    Selling points: high service frequency, international freight and domestic passenger possibilities, great variety in rolling stock with layering options from German routes, unique railway operations, Dutch.

    Den Haag CS – Rotterdam CS – Breda
    Rolling stock: NS E186+ICRm, NS SLT
    Possible DLC: NS FLIRT 3, NS VIRM(m), NS ICMm, NS ICNG
    Length: 90 km, including separate high speed line
    Era: Current day
    Selling points: high service frequency, multiple big stations with unique architecture, both high and slow speed lines (partly running parallel), great service variety with domestic and international trains with different stopping patterns, unique railway operations, largest marshalling yard of the Netherlands, Dutch.

    Weert – Maastricht/Heerlen
    Rolling stock: NS VIRM(m), Arriva FLIRT 3
    Possible DLC: Arriva Stadler GTW EMU, NS 6400, BR 186, NMBS/SNCB HLR77
    Length: 88,7 km, possible extra branch for 107,2 km
    Era: Current day
    Selling points: Scenic landscape, high service frequency, multiple operators, large service variety including (international) freight and large yards, network like layout with the mainline splitting towards two final destinations, Dutch.

    German Routes

    Hengelo (NL) – Osnabrück Hbf
    Rolling stock: Eurobahn FLIRT 3, DB BR 189
    Possible DLC: DB BR 193, Westfalenbahn Stadler KISS, AlphaTrains E186
    Length: 95 km
    Era: 2021-2022
    Selling points: Cross border route, international layering opportunities, loco/voltage changes at border, two different safety and signalling systems, multiple operators.

    Köln Hbf – Wuppertal Hbf
    Rolling stock: DB ICE 2 (BR 402), National Express BR 442
    Possible DLC: National Express BR 110 with n-Wagen, DB ICE 4, DB IC 2
    Length: 58,5 km
    Era: 2021-2022
    Selling points: Different operators, layering opportunities, connecting existing routes, both regional and express services, important landmarks, service variety.

    Dresden Neustadt – Děčín (CZ)
    Rolling stock: ČD BR 193, DB BR 180/ČD 372/371
    Possible DLC: DB BR 189, DB BR 146.0/145, DB BR 642, Captrain Vectron
    Length: 70 km
    Era: 2020-2022
    Selling points: International route, power changeover and different signalling and safety systems, international services, a lot of (international) freight traffic, unique and beautiful scenery, both old and new locos, layering opportunities, completing Dresden S-bahn network.

    Berlin S-bahn S9 & S3 (Spandau – Flughafen BER/Erkner)
    Rolling stock: DB BR 442, DB BR 483/483, DB BR 481/482
    Possible DLC: DB BR 480, FEX (DB BR 147)
    Length: I don’t know, I forgot to measure
    Era: 2021-current day
    Selling points: highly requested Berlin S-bahn, great views of Berlin landmarks, cutting right across Berlin, multiple generations of S-bahn rolling stock, S-bahn and RB/RE services, AI layering opportunities, both very old and very new stations, busy service pattern.

    Luxembourg (LU) – Trier
    Rolling stock: (era dependent) CFL serie 4000, CFL serie 2300, DB BR 181
    Possible DLC: CFL leased BR 185
    Length: 72 km
    Era: pre-2014 or current day
    Selling points: multiple different operators, international services, power, signalling and safety systems changeover, great scenery, cross border route, variety of passenger and freight traffic.

    Berlin – Cüstrin (Preußische Ostbahn)
    Rolling stock: Preußische P8, Preußische S10/S10.2, Preußische G8
    Possible DLC: Preußische S3/S5, Preußische T9.3, Preußische S10, Preußische G10, Different timetable pack (DRG BR 44, DRG BR 03, DRG BR 01, DRG BR 38)
    Length: 85 km
    Era: 1907-1914
    Selling points: German steam, unique slice of history, partially lost railway, former major mainline and life artery of eastern Germany, great loco DLC opportunities, great variety of service types (already possible with the main rolling stock).

    Naumburg – Saalfeld
    Rolling stock: DB BR 120 with IC coaches, DB BR 143 with old Dostos
    Possible DLC: DB BR 155 repaint+freight pack, DB BR 103 repaint + coach expansion pack, DB BR 141 with n-Wagen, DB BR 219 with ex-DR local traffic coaches
    Length: 87 km
    Era: 1996
    Selling points: unique route in transformation (just electrified), great expansion of ‘90s rolling stock, ‘90s rolling stock layering opportunities, challenging timetables, great scenery, both East and West-German rolling stock mixed among each other, great livery variety.

    Frankfurt (Main) Hbf – Marburg (Lahn)
    Rolling stock: DB BR 420, DB BR 111 + InterRegio coaches, DB BR 112
    Possible DLC: DB BR 110 + n-Wagen, DB BR 140, DB BR 151
    Length: 100 km including Frankfurt City Tunnel
    Era: 1996
    Selling points: unique route with urban and rural S-bahn, layering from Linke Rheinstrecke and Niddertalbahn (connecting at Bad Vilbel), great expansion of ‘90s rolling stock, challenging and varied timetable with many service types, Frankfurt City Tunnel and Frankfurt Hbf, full S-bahn line, great livery variety.

    Nürnberg Hbf – Bayreuth Hbf
    Rolling stock: DB ICE TD (BR 605), DB BR 610; alternatively: DB BR 612, DB BR 622/648
    Possible DLC: DB BR 218
    Length: 93,2 km
    Era: 2002; Alternatively: current day
    Selling points: German diesel mainline, future DB BR 232 layers, tilting technology, unique ICE TD in its only full year of service, classic DB BR 610, international trains to Czechia, great scenery with cliffs and tunnels.

    Riesa – Leipzig Hbf (Dresden – Riesa and Rapid Transit extension/merger)
    Rolling stock: DB ICE-T (BR 411), DB IC 2 (BR 146), S-bahn Mitteldeutschland BR 1442
    Possible DLC: DB/MRCE BR 193, DB/MRCE BR 189
    Length: 75 km, including southern approach to Leipzig Hbf
    Era: current day
    Selling points: great opportunity for new rolling stock, laying the groundwork for an extension to Dresden-Riesa and Rapid Transit, two different approaches to Leipzig Hbf (main hall and via the south through the tunnel), LZB running, great layering opportunities, many freight services mixed with RE, RB, S-bahn, IC and ICE services.

    Koblenz Hbf – Wittlich – Trier Hbf
    Rolling stock: DB BR 23 with Umbauwagen, DB BR 44
    Possible DLC: DB BR 01 with m-Wagen, DB BR 216 with n-Wagen, DB BR 634
    Length: 113 km, 76,5 km if shortened to Koblenz – Wittlich
    Era: 1970-1971
    Selling points: iconic German steam locomotives, possibilities for both diesel and steam on the same route, great scenery, international services, heavy cokes services, great variety of services and locomotives possible, reasonably full timetable with only the two base locomotives.

    Hagen Hbf – Siegen Hbf (Ruhr-Sieg Nord expansion and re-release)
    Rolling stock: DB BR 143 with Dostos, DB BR 185, DB BR 363, DB BR 155
    Possible DLC: DB BR 294, DB BR 151
    Length: 50,5 km extension (including spur to Iserlohn from Letmathe)
    Era: same as current Ruhr-Sieg Nord
    Selling points: more sensible end points for Ruhr-Sieg Nord, greatest layering opportunities in game thusfar (15 drivable trains, 11 coaches/wagons, 8 additonal AI trains), new AI traffic at Hagen and Siegen, possibly the best German freight timetable, revamp for Ruhr-Sieg Nord progress, new freight yards.

    Düsseldorf Hbf – Dortmund Hbf (Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr extension and re-release)
    Rolling stock: DB BR 422, DB BR 425, DB BR 101 with IC Coaches, DB BR 146 with Dostos
    Possible DLC: IC cab car and BordBistro expansion pack, DB BR 143 with x-Wagen
    Length: 72 km extension
    Era: same as current Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr
    Selling points: More logical end points for HRR, great variety in gameplay with busy mainlines and quiet S-bahn branches, many different service types, complex and diverse timetable, new (ICE) layers for HRR, updated scenery for HRR, fast section with 200 km/h LZB running, longer services.

    British Routes

    Exeter – Plymouth/Paignton
    Rolling stock: GWR Class 800 IET, GWR Class 158
    Possible DLC: GWR Class 152/2, GWR Class 143 Pacer, Cross Country Class 221 Super Voyager, Freightliner/Colas Rail Class 70
    Length: 93 km (58 miles)
    Era: 2019
    Selling points: much requested class 800, great scenery, iconic Dawlish sea wall, layering opportunities from GWE (Class 43 and 166), different operators (Cross Country), great DLC opportunities, modern diesel mainline, branch line to Paignton.

    Exeter – Plymouth/Kingswear
    Rolling stock: ex-GWR Castle Class (4073), ex-GWR Pannier Tank (5700 class), ex-GWR Grange Class (6800)
    Possible DLC: ex-GWR King Class (6000), ex-GWR Night Owls (4700 Class), ex-GWR Small Prairie (4500 Class)
    Length: 103 km (64 miles)
    Era: 1950s
    Selling points: iconic ex-GWR steam locomotives, great scenery including iconic Dawlish sea wall, branch to Kingswear, great DLC opportunities, great locomotive variety, challenging run on steep hills.

    Swiss Routes

    Basel SBB – Bern
    Rolling stock: SBB RABDe 500 (ICN), SBB RABe 521 (FLIRT)
    Possible DLC: SBB IC 2000 and Re 460, SBB RABDe 502 (Twindexx), RABe 503 (New Pendolino)
    Length: 109 km
    Era: current day
    Selling points: Swiss mainline route, international high speed operations, local and high speed section, great rolling stock variety, busy timetable, new signalling system.

    Austrian Routes

    Bludenz – Innsbruck (Arlbergbahn)
    Rolling stock: ÖBB 1116 + Railjet and Freight, ÖBB 4024
    Possible DLC: ÖBB 1044/1144, ÖBB Nightjet+Intercity expansion pack
    Length: 130 km
    Era: current day
    Selling points: first Austrian route, fast double track and slow single track sections, steep climbs and descents, full timetable with only the base locos, German layering opportunities, iconic Railjet, challenging freight services, opportunity for Nightjet coaches which will provide layers to many European routes, fantastic alpine scenery.

    French Routes

    Paris Saint Lazare – Mantes-la-Jolie (– Vernon)
    Rolling stock: SNCF Z 50000 Francilien, SNCF Z 26500
    Possible DLC: SNCF BB 27300 + VB 2N coaches, RER MI 09, SNCF BB 22200, SNCF BB 60000
    Length: 110 km, possible 23 km extension to Vernon
    Era: current day
    Selling points: French commuter route, unique rolling stock, utilisation of safety systems already in-game, iconic city of Paris, busy commuter traffic, run along the iconic Seine river, full network structure with complete services, opportunity for freight, great rural scenery and urban sections in one route.

    Loco, expansion pack and miscellaneous suggestions

    [Miscellaneous] Additional liveries for German trains

    [Miscellaneous] More double headed services for German routes

    [Loco expansion pack] Passenger and Freight enhancement pack for Dresden – Riesa [BR 146.0 and BR 145]

    [Loco add-on] BR 111 with Modus-Wagen for Main-Spessart Bahn

    [Miscellaneous] New timetable for Main-Spessart Bahn with (diverted) BR 101 and ICE 3 services

    [Loco and coach expansion pack] BR 101 + Intercity Cab Car expansion pack for München – Augsburg

    [Loco and coach expansion pack] InterRegio and Freight expansion pack for Linke Rheinstrecke (BR 120, BR 140, IR coaches)

    [Miscellaneous] Improving snow build-up effects on trains

    [Miscellaneous] Entire timetable overview/selection screen

    [Miscellaneous] Route merger loco packs
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    I still think the Berlin - Cüstrin and Köln - Wuppertal suggestions hold up among the best on this forum, ever.
    Now I'll have to go through all the ones here that I haven't seen! :)
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    Extremely happy more people are reverting to Suggestion masterlists then those massive bloated signitures - Always looked extremely ugly.
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    I'm glad to hear you guys like them, the support means a lot! It's especially nice to see someone likes Berlin-Cüstrin, as it is quite a niche subject (and one of the suggestions that gained the least traction on the forums), but I think that makes it worth exploring all the more.

    I also definetely agree, when I started listing my suggestions in my signature they were just a few, but by now I've made quite some, and the signature became too intrusive to those who just want to read a discussion I happened to be a part of. I do think this choice might lead to less people discovering my suggestions by clicking on them from my signature, but it's a sacrafice I'm willing to make :)

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